CBZ Token is a utility token that enables users to use its blockchain technology.

The CBZ token was created on an Ethereum-based platform, in which it can be used as payment for its services. 

There are many industries where there are no tokens or cryptocurrencies but instead, traditional payments like credit cards, bank transfers and even PayPal. 

So, how does CBZ token work?
Although other exchanges may offer similar services, it’s crucial to note that this exchange focuses on making sure that your transactions are done with great speed and security, so you get what you pay for!
The CBZ token is a digital currency created to meet the problems and needs of the cannabis industry, such as transactions, payments, and marketing. It will be used by producers, dispensaries and other businesses in this space.
The mission of the CBZ token is to create a digital currency that will be used in the cannabis industry. This can help solve some common issues currently faced by businesses operating within this industry:
Transactions are expensive because they need to be done through cash or checks;
Payments are slow due to banks being wary of working with cannabis companies;
The CBZ token is a unique means for individuals to buy and sell goods, services, and information.

It has been designed to be a decentralized currency that promotes integrity, transparency, sustainability, collaboration, and inclusivity.

The value of CBZ tokens can be used as payment for goods or services offered by its users on the blockchain network (the CBZ token will also be used within our own ecosystem). 

In addition to this use case, we expect that the market will grow organically over time as more people start using their tokens in everyday life!

CBZ Token is a revolutionary cryptocurrency designed to help pave the way for cannabis legalization. It was created with the goal of helping to secure business transactions, while also providing exposure for those that wish to get involved in this booming industry. 

The CBZ token can be used as a payment method at any point throughout its existence; whether that be online or off, there are many ways you can use CBZ tokens today! 

Join us to know how you can be part of and contribute to this growing industry and become a Cannaut.