Kannops is our laboratory that specializes in the production of cannabis derivatives. Our main production line is located in Florida, United States, where we have been working hard to process the best products. 

We have been able to certify our products processed in our facilities thanks to the experience of our professionals who have helped us achieve this goal.

In more than 7,800 m2, we position ourselves as one of the leading laboratories in the manufacture of cannabis derivatives. 

The company has been certified by both the German Testing and Research Institute (PTB) and the American Herbal Pharmacology Association (AHP).

What makes us different?

Over the years and thanks to the experience of our professionals, we have managed to certify our products processed in our facilities. 

This allows us to generate confidence among customers, as well as provide them with the assurance that their orders will be processed without fail.

The market

Kannops is a certified derivative production laboratory, which means that we have the experience to certify our products. 

We have a production line in Florida, United States, and we can assure you that all our products are made from 100% natural ingredients without any adulteration or substitution. 

The certifications of products derived from cannabis allow generating confidence and facilities when introducing a product to international markets. For more information about our cannabis laboratory and our company, visit our website: https://cannabitz.io/