The new way to be part of a billionaire industry just owning a space in the metaverse.

How we do it?

We are part of the industry!

For more than 5 years we have been producing cannabis for medical use in Colombia, we have more than 520.000m2. Also, we have produce a huge variety of products as tinctures, topicals, edibles etc.

A digital SOLD OUT product.

Our first digital product was sold in the 2020 to 2021, it was our CPC/PC (construction of production capacity/production capacity) and it means that you buy a digital space in our cultive and we produce it for you!


By buying m2bitz you are acquiring value from a land that connects the real cannabis industry with technology and global networking.

The m2bitz are designed to provide multiple solutions to the cannabis industry, from connecting and linking the different players how to open up the spectrum and goodness of the cannabis industry.



for users

The acquisition of our assets promises to be a means of integrating the real cannabis industry with digitalization itself. All of our digital assets seek to provide profits to those who acquire and implement them in their m2bitz.

A clear example is our CPC-CP, launched in 2020 in a very rudimentary way and with resounding success, the investor acquires this digital asset and gets the benefits of real cannabis crop production.

Likewise our metabitz offers different assets that provide a VALUATION FOR THE SAME MARKET as for ALL THE REAL VALUE CHAIN OF THE CANNABIS INDUSTRY.

A place where companies, governments and users immersed in the cannabis industry have the possibility to generate exposure, monetize and even network. Imagine your company on the web 3.0! In web 2.0 companies are showing themselves as they want to be seen, in 3.0 they will show themselves as they really are.

Products, manufacturing, entertainment and much more! Do business, reach a wider audience and take your company to the world of tomorrow.


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