M2BITZ is a system for creating and managing your own world. 

With M2BITZ, you can create a character, build and materialize your products and services in the first cannabis metaverse by connecting to others through our social network.

Being part of an M2BITZ gives each owner the possibility of building and materializing their products and services in the first cannabis metaverse, thus making sales, business and making decisions in a secure and transparent network.

M2BITZ platform is a blockchain-based platform that uses virtual currency as well as smart contracts (also known as “smart contracts”). The M2BITZ network allows users to buy or sell goods using tokens on its own blockchain.

M2BITZ is a world created in the Metabitz platform that is individually owned by its creator, who can use it to make his/her own decisions and make money! 

The Metabitz platform allows creators to create their own worlds using special blocks that can be used for anything from games, movies, music, and art galleries. 

Creators are able to sell their creations on the marketplace or use them as payment when buying other items (such as premium accounts). Our mission is to build a global business network in which anyone can participate.

What is new?

M2BITZ will facilitate trade and trading, with space to create and share products and services of all kinds, with a focus on cannabis cultivation, sales, and use. M2BITZ is an innovative Bitz product that will provide the opportunity to leverage the value of different cannabis production throughout the world. 

The system is scalable, with one can being able to own nodes within the system with a fixed price tier. A digital product that will be directly supported by real cannabis crops and allows its owner to obtain constant appreciation and profits from production.

This modality allows various cannabis producing companies to share their production with users from all over the world. 

Cannabitz is committed to the industry and the growth of it. What are you waiting for to be part of this growing industry with great potential for impact on our society? Contact us to learn more on: https://cbztoken.com/metabitz/#m2bitz