While the cannabis industry has been blossoming for decades, it is only now that it is starting to get the attention of mainstream investors.

The legalization of marijuana in Canada, the United States and other countries around the world means that we are seeing a surge in companies involved in the growing, distributing and selling of cannabis. This is seen as a sign that even though there may be some risk involved with investing in this space due to government regulation, there are also many opportunities for growth.

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Canada has made history as the first country in North America—and only one of two nations on earth—to legally regulate recreational marijuana use. The federal government will license producers, who will be responsible for quality control and compliance with regulations limiting how much Canadians can buy at one time (30 grams) or grow themselves (four plants).

Marijuana was previously available by mail from licensed producers through Health Canada’s Marihuana for Medical Purposes Regulation program, but access was limited and expensive; prices varied depending on whether patients had coverage through private insurers or provincial health plans.

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The following is a list of countries where cannabis is legal:* Canada* Uruguay* Jamaica* Netherlands (provinces)

The following countries have decriminalized its use:* Germany (decriminalized possession in 2017)

In addition, many places have partially legalized medical marijuana: * Austria * Belgium * Chile * Colombia * Czech Republic * Denmark (legalization expected soon)

Recreational vs medicinal use

Every state in the U.S. has its own laws on cannabis use, but recreational and medicinal use are still illegal in most places. In states where it’s legal to consume marijuana outdoors, many people choose to smoke it rather than vape or eat edibles because they’re less socially acceptable ways to consume the drug.

In states that have legalized medical marijuana, patients are permitted to purchase certain amounts of cannabis from dispensaries with a prescription from their doctor. However, not all states allow this type of purchase; some require patients to grow their own plants at home instead of buying them from a dispensary.

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Mental health professionals recommend against using any form of cannabis recreationally—especially if you have a family history or personal predisposition toward mental illness like depression or anxiety disorder—because there is evidence that heavy recreational use can lead directly back into addiction cycles (even after decades) and cause psychological harm over time due to changes in brain chemistry caused by repeated drug abuse itself. In our company this industry is constantly growing. Join us!