The best way to understand what Cannabitz is a networking conception platform that allows people around the globe to do networking and business through our tools such as The Metabitz metaverse platform, a payments system, cannabis license validation, and product cannabis-based verification with total transparency connected with blockchain security transactions.

You might already know the potential benefits of cannabis such as X, y, z, but with a real problem when it comes to digitizing this industry. In order to solve this problem Cannabitz exits. 

Cannabitz  make possible this through an ecosystem that produces, transforms, markets, and digitizes the cannabis industry. The primary Cannabitz´s objetive is to connect people, business, governments with cannabis industry (this could be the easiest way to understand).

Our production company

Our production company is called Estrella Verde, called EV, located in Cundinamarca, Colombia. Where it has one of the most favorable lands in terms of production in the world, EV is a company that to date has all the licenses and certifications at the national and international levels.

In our production line is Kannops, a company dedicated to the transformation of derived products, with a journey of more than 10 years. Located at the gates of the United States (Miami, Florida) and each product produced has high-level certifications such as ISO, FDA, among others. (You can read more about Kannops here)

Finally, our brands and companies with which we market niche products are found; 

  • Jappie, cannabis-based products with the latest Delta-8 innovation.
  • Yuzzy, cbd-based lubricants.
  • Apollo, cbd-infused cubed coffee. 

We have more than 10 brands to date and 40 varieties of products.

The Market

To market our products we have one of our latest developments, Bitztore. 

Bitztore is a multivendor Marketplace that allows us to focus on the sale of derivative products and allows users outside the ecosystem to monetize their products by publishing them on the same platform.

Where does digitalization come in?

After reading the first lines of this article, it is normal that you ask yourself where digitization comes in, we have our most recent success story launched in 2020 where we connect the cannabis industry with Blockchain technology. (another article) 

There, we found the CCP-CP (construction of productive capacity of a cannabis crop).

A digital product that allows any external agent of the cannabis industry to be part of it, by acquiring 1 square meter that would house 4 plants and would be directly related and supported by the same technology physically.

Regarding the aforementioned, you already know the magnitude of the ecosystem, positively impacting the entire value chain from A to Z, which allows us to know the needs of the market, and problems and thus propose innovative solutions.

Imagine being part of this industry and finally connect with this growing industry and transform the way we interact with each other about cannabis. Today it is possible due to Cannabitz, Want to join us:  https://cannabitz.io/cannabitz-network/